QAM Sniffer III

QAM Leakage Detector Configuration Utility V1.0.19 file updated April 23, 2019 contains 2 setup files required to install the QAM Sniffer / QAM Shadow DDF / QAM Compass Configuration Utility V1.0.19. Download zip file, unzip the 2 setup files onto local drive, access “setup.exe” file to run installation. The 4 firmware files will be extracted into a sub-folder labeled “FW” under the root “QamSnifferConfig” folder created on the computer’s hard drive. Typical location: “C:\Program Files\ComSonics,Inc\QamSnifferConfig/”.
Setup includes update files;
QAM Shadow DDF firmware version 006
QAM Sniffer DF firmware version 007
QAM Compass firmware version 009
QAM Sniffer III firmware version 005