QAM Sniffer III

 Sniffer Configuration Utility V1.0.29

Incorporates OUDP settings for Sniffer High Split (S-HS) equipment. file updated February 3, 2023 containing the “SnifferConfigSetup.exe” setup executable.  Download zip file, unzip the setup file onto local drive, access “SnifferConfigSetup.exe” file to run installation. 5 firmware files will be extracted into a sub-folder labeled “FW” under the root “SnifferConfig” folder created on the computer’s hard drive. Typical location: “C:\Program Files\ComSonics,Inc\SnifferConfig\”.

Setup includes update files;
QAM Shadow DDF firmware version 007
QAM Sniffer DF firmware version 007
QAM Compass firmware version 009
Sniffer High Split (S-HS) firmware version 010
High Split DSP firmware version 002



QAM Sniffer III / Sniffer High Split V011 Firmware update April 20, 2023.

Adds automatic bluetooth scan and pair to GQS3/G-HS device by holding QSIII/S-HS bluetooth
button while powering on.

Adds mode to switch from bluetooth GQSIII/ G-HS measurements to local QS3/S-HS measurements
when docked and paired by holding down Bluetooth button until it beeps.

Adds mode to manually switch between bands when device is docked and powered by
holding down the band button down until it beeps. User can then cycle bands by
pressing the band button.

Adds ability to receive configuration from GQS3/G-HS over Bluetooth.

Improved tolerances for OFDM signals which have frequency offsets.

Download and save the “QS3_BINARY_V011” zip file onto your PC. Unzip and save actual “QS3_BINARY_V011” file onto local drive. Recommended location: “FW” folder nested under installation default QAM Sniffer Config folder on your “C:” drive ( C:\Program Files(x86)\ComSonics.Inc\QamSnifferConfig\FW).

Utilize the Sniffer Configuration Utility “firmware download” option listed under “File” drop menu to update desired QAM Sniffer DF device. Navigate to the “QS3_BINARY_V011” file when prompted to select file during firmware update process.