ComSonics is an employee owned company specializing in the design, manufacture, sales, and repair of electronics and fiber optics. Our solutions and services are utilized by many industries including; aerospace, cable/broadband, communications, computing, defense, medical, meteorology, public safety, power monitoring, and rail.

Manufacturing Solutions

ComSonics Manufacturing Solutions is a fully automated contract electronics manufacturer, utilizing the latest technology throughout our processes.

Repair Services

Our services are provided nationally from depot repair locations in California, Indiana and Virginia, with onsite calibration services provided 52 weeks a year from a fleet of fully equipped, mobile laboratories.

Public Safety

ComSonics Public Safety represents products and services for computing, license plate recognition, and speed detection from the industry’s top companies.

Product Solutions

ComSonics is the global leader in proactive plant maintenance, providing solutions to ensure HFC plant integrity and performance improvement.

ComSonics by The Numbers

….ingenuity, expertise, and quality.

Our roots stretch to the late 1960’s, where our company was founded in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. In 1972, we incorporated under the unique name of ComSonics. “Com” representing communications and “Sonics” reflecting early endeavors in audio design and installation. ComSonics has grown from a rich and unique history. Interested in how we got our start?

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ComSonics Manufacturing

Manufacturing Solutions

CMS is a fully automated contract electronics manufacturer. CMS is ISO 9001 certified and our employees are certified to IPC-610 Class II and III as well as J-STD-001 industry standards.

Cable Connections

Cable Connections

Our sister company, Cable Connections, based in Norcross, Georgia also operates under the ISO umbrella and is a full service, specialty cable harness assembly manufacturer.

Employee Owned


ComSonics is a 100% Employee Owned Company. The employee stock ownership program was implemented in 1975 and still continues today.

National Center for Employee Ownership Member

NCEO Membership

The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) is a research organization dedicated to advancing worker ownership by providing information and research on ESOPs and other forms of employee-ownership.

Product Solutions

ComSonics is the global leader in proactive plant maintenance, providing solutions to ensure HFC plant integrity and performance improvement. Our Product Solutions include simple-to-use tools to improve drop integrity and provide ingress mitigation.

ComSonics' Technical Support

It’s our employee owners’ goal to continually provide the best service possible. Whether it be a new sales inquiry, the need for advice, or support for an existing customer, our highly qualified and quickly responsive team of support specialists is here to help with your needs.

Customer Feedback

If you are interested in our services and would like to know more about how our product compares, see feedback from operations managers and technicians in the field. Feedback includes quotes from leading MSOs.