Very user friendly.

The compass is right on point with my sniffer. Very impressed with the compass.

The Compass found my small leaks fast, just by touching the cable line I could tell where the leak was coming from. I used it for two days without charging it and it indicated fully charged. The front panel easy to read and easy to figure out my settings. The Compass is very light and easy to carry the case did not have a clip to fasten to my belt the case should cover the entire device not half.

The Compass and M3 combination works great! I have used it in houses on ingress calls to give a little more noise to help find the leaks faster.

Very pleased with the performance of the compass, while I was tracking leaks with the QAM sniffer I clipped the compass on my belt and it detected the leaks as well as the sniffer. I would be comfortable carrying it to find leaks in the field. I would recommend having ft’s use these at every home they enter.

The compass exceeded our expectations. We used this to effectively track down and fix small leaks all the way up to the high leaks with no issues. No battery life issues to speak of. Straight out of the box the Compass worked as it should. It works very similar to the QAM Sniffer, just without a dipole antenna. In my honest opinion this should be placed in the hands of anyone that could track leaks including field technicians.