QAM Sniffer

 Sniffer Configuration Utility V1.0.29

Incorporates OUDP settings for Sniffer High Split (S-HS) equipment. file updated February 3, 2023 containing the “SnifferConfigSetup.exe” setup executable.  Download zip file, unzip the setup file onto local drive, access “SnifferConfigSetup.exe” file to run installation. 5 firmware files will be extracted into a sub-folder labeled “FW” under the root “SnifferConfig” folder created on the computer’s hard drive. Typical location: “C:\Program Files\ComSonics,Inc\SnifferConfig\”.

Setup includes update files;
QAM Shadow DDF firmware version 007
QAM Sniffer DF firmware version 007
QAM Compass firmware version 009
Sniffer High Split (S-HS) firmware version 010
High Split DSP firmware version 002

QAM Sniffer DF V007 Firmware

QAM Sniffer DF V007 Firmware update February 7, 2018.
V007 Firmware is available for download via the V1.0.17 QAM Leakage Detector Configuration Utility.
Utilize the QAM Leakage Detector Configuration Utility V1.0.17 “firmware download” option listed under “File” drop menu to update desired QAM Sniffer DF device. Navigate to the “QAM_SNIFFER_DF_BINARY_V007” file when prompted to select file during firmware update process. The M3 monitoring and detecting feature is by default enabled in the V007 Firmware. This feature can only be disabled via the V1.0.17 Configuration Utility.

QAM Sniffer Configuration Utility V106

QAM Sniffer Configuration Utility V106 Zip file containing 2 setup files.
Updated 11/21/14.
This V1.0.6 Config Utility is for use with the QAM Sniffer 612MHz (Single Frequency) models ONLY!


Updating Firmware and Frequency Correlation of the ComSonics QAM Sniffer V03 7-24-14

Document contains instructions regarding QAM Sniffer DF Firmware updating and the “Auto Frequency Correlation” process.