M3- Mini Mobile Marker

M3 Firmware update V2.1

M3 Firmware update December 17, 2020.
Addresses Band 3 tuning issue for frequencies greater than 900MHz.

Download the “QAM_M3_APPLICATION_V21.zip” file onto your PC. Unzip and save the contained QAM_M3_APPLICATION_V21 binary file. Recommended location: “FW” folder nested under installation default “M3 Configuration Utility” folder ( C:\Program Files (x86)\ComSonics,Inc\M3 Configuration Utility\FW). Utilize the M3 Configuration Utility V1.3 (required for “scanning” functionality) “firmware download” option to update desired M3 device. Navigate to the “QAM_M3_APPLICATION_V21” file when prompted to select file during firmware update process. V2.1 Firmware contains the High and Low Power Frequency Scan functionality previously available with the V1.9 Firmware.



M3 Configuration Utility V1.3

M3 “Mini Mobile Marker” Configuration Utility V1.3.
Updated 10/15/19.
Enhancements include new High Power Frequency Scan and Low Power Frequency Scan options. Added International Compatibility enhancements. Requires QAM_M3_APPLICATION_V19 Firmware update which is included in Configuration setup.Must remove any previous versions of the M3 Configuration Utility to install V1.3.