Titan DOCSIS 3.1 Meter

Configuration Utility TITAN Editor for Windows

Download the “TitanConfigEditor.zip” file onto your PC. Unzip and save the contained “TitanInstaller.exe” installer file onto the local drive. Access “TitanInstaller.exe” installer file to run installation. Follow installation instructions.

Post installation, connect TITAN meter to PC with miniB USB cable. Allow windows to install port drivers (2). Open program via start menu “Programs/ComSonics TitanConfigEditor/TianConfig”.

Select settings menu item to set appropriate USB communications Port. Using drop menu, select second newly assigned USB comm port for TITAN communications then “select”.

TITAN is now connected to Config Editor.


TITAN DOCSIS 3.1 Meter Firmware update V0.9.0.3

February 23, 2023.

Corrects DNS bug and speednet client error.

Download the “TITAN_FW_V0903.zip” file onto your PC. Unzip and save the contained “upgrade-36.tgz” file onto your local drive. Using a clean USB storage flash drive, connect the flash drive to your PC, rename the drive to “UPGRADE” and copy the “upgrade-36.tgz” file onto the flash drive. DO NOT UNZIP the “upgrade-36.tgz” file. Properly “eject” the flash drive.

Power up desired TITAN meter. Once the meter has completely booted, install the USB flash drive into either USB port on the TITAN meter. Firmware updates will install automatically. To verify installation, access Menu / System / About and verify version and date.

TITAN Meter Firmware update complete.