Titan Meter

ComSonics is introducing their new D3.1/3.0 RF test meter: Titan. This meter has been designed from the ground up based on feedback from field technicians. It has unique features that make this meter the ideal choice for both home service and field maintenance technicians. The following is a summary of the features that make Titan one of the best RF meters on the market:

  • Designed for Ease-of-Use based on technician feedback. No menus needed for 80% of the most used functionality.
  • Core test functions are always visible and only require single button push from any screen.
  • Built to be rugged and environmentally protected. Key break points such as the RF connector and LCD screen have been strengthened for durability.
  • High resolution and contrast LCD screen for easy viewing of test measurements.
  • Meter functions can be operated by either touch screen or keypad push buttons.
  • Supports the new D3.1 OFDM tests and profile information including two OFDM downstream blocks.
  • Five built-in diplexers insure the meter will work in both current and future network configurations.
  • Comes with a PC channel configuration tool and a server-based data storage application. Auto test data can easily be pushed to the server for both storage and viewing.
  • Built-in QAM and CW signal transmit functionality for the upstream.

Product Specs

ComSonics' Titan Meter

Direct Product Inquiry

Contact: Josh Chenault
Business Development Manager

The Titan meter is so easy to use it requires minimal training to operate the meter. This makes it an ideal tool for a broad range of service technicians with a varying amount of experience. The rugged design and build will keep the meters highly reliable even after years of use. Inquire about getting a Titan demo to try to experience the full power of this new RF meter.

Titan Meter Screen
Titan Meter Case
Titan Meter Back

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