Simple, accurate and affordable, the SnapTRACK Locating System will meet the demands of any locate task. This locator is designed for the locating professional, but it is simple enough to be used by anyone needing to locate.

  • Three button keypad simplifies the user interface

  • 8 Locating Modes: the multi-channel processor allows for simultaneous field detection from a multiple antenna array ensuring accuracy

  • Customizable frequencies and operational modes

  • Automatic Impedance Matching Technology: maximizes your transmission range while minimizing power consumption

  • PathLink™ Technology: remotely controls your transmitter from the receiver to more than 400 yards

  • High-Contrast LCD Interface with Backlight: guides the operator to the target location by providing all relevant data including continuous depth, current measurement, signal strength, and directional arrows

  • Constant Depth & Current Measurement: real time updates on line depth and signal condition

SnapTRACK Locator

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