(Mini Mobile Marker)

ComSonics’ M3 Mini Mobile Marker offers high pressure drop and in-building cable integrity troubleshooting. The M3 also provides triple frequency detection to ensure complete spectrum coverage. Targeted for use with ComSonics’ QAM Compass to provide home certification and installation integrity.

  • contractor work verification
  • evaluate new property wiring
  • ingress detection and mitigation
  • qualify and QC cable drop and installation wiring
  • troubleshoot and fix repeat service call problems
  • qualify new cabinet builds and MDU enclosure wiring

Product Specs

ComSonics' M3 Mini Mobile Marker

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Contact: Josh Chenault
Business Development Manager

“The QAM Compass and M3 give us the ability to validate and certify the shielding integrity of a drop system. They allowed us to find impairments in the drop system quickly and efficiently, as well as verify the repairs in a concrete manner. Repairing the drop network in this fashion improves the individual subscriber experience, as well as the overall node performance.”

Operations Manager

From a Leading MSO

Technician on a return service call shows the simplicity of leakage detection with our trusted digital equipment. Featured here is the dynamic duo QAM Compass and M3.

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