High-Split Leakage Detection

At ComSonics, developing high-split leakage detection for today and tomorrow is something we have been doing since 1975.  The one constant in the cable industry over the last 46 years is that change comes fast and furious. The latest evolution on the near horizon is high-split technology, pushing the upstream to an incredible 204 MHz. Although revolutionary, this does present leakage detection challenges for OEM’s and Operators as the 108-137 MHz aeronautical band now resides in the upstream. Our solution addresses these challenges.

  • Downstream leakage in the 138MHz band is no longer an option.
  • Upstream leakage detection in the 138MHz band will utilize OUDP signal bursts generated by D3.1 or newer cable modems.
  • ComSonics industry leading Sniffer® line of leakage detectors is being updated to detect the 138MHz bursts using patent pending technology.
  • ComSonics is working closely with MSO’s and cable modem OEM’s to ensure compatibility with high-split CMTS and R-PHY nodes.  The new standards for high-split leakage detection are currently being defined. 
  • ComSonics updated detectors will allow performance of upstream and downstream leakage detection ensuring continued FCC compliance.
  • ComSonics detectors will provide compatibility with existing data collection platforms.
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