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Your security needs to be as reliable as your transit service

Many factors put pressure on transit agencies to modernize their security systems. These include technological advancements, increasing urbanization, and growing expectations from commuters and governments. But how can you modernize these systems while avoiding the pitfalls of proprietary and distinct systems that restrain growth? It all starts with embracing a unified and open approach to security.

Boost cross-functional collaboration

Commuters expect more convenience and on-demand information from their transit services, but transit agencies are traditionally very siloed. Even with the latest technological tools, silos impede internal collaboration. Is your technology helping or hurting your efforts? Embracing a unified approach helps you remove these barriers and gives your teams the collaborative tools they need to address today’s realities. 

Leverage data through an open platform

Transit agencies collect large amounts of valuable data about their environment and operations. How are you deriving insights from your data and sharing it with other stakeholders? Commuters, urban planners, first responders, and other stakeholders want to use transit data to support their decision-making. Collecting, analyzing, and sharing data easily and securely requires a modern and open platform.

Support your infrastructure security at all levels

Do you have the controls in place to ensure a trustworthy supply chain, a secure physical infrastructure, and effective cybersecurity policies? Transit agencies select, purchase, install, and manage a growing number of devices. This increased interconnectivity exposes agencies to higher risk as there are more network access points to manage. Mitigating these risks becomes a critical undertaking to maintain public trust.

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