The Genetec Portfolio

Security to keep transit operations in motion
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Designed to break down internal silos

Connecting security and operational teams through one open platform strengthens your organization. A unified vision improves collaboration, reduces security risks, and optimizes daily tasks. It also provides a clear path for growth, without artificial restrictions. Ultimately, this supports your efforts to meet the growing expectations of your commuters.

Genetec Portfolio Overview


We offer a Genetec portfolio of solutions designed to optimize your daily security operations. Created to give your staff complete oversight of events taking place in your transit network, our solutions provide you with the best tools to respond to all situations.

Security Center

Security Center combines IP security systems within a single intuitive interface. This single pane of glass simplifies transit operations. From core functions like video monitoring and access control to more specialized deployments like intrusion detection and unmanned infrastructure monitoring, Security Center empowers your staff with unified command and control.

Equip operators with an intuitive interface

Empower your teams to navigate your security infrastructure with ease. Save your staff the hassle of managing disconnected systems to get a full view of events. Our intuitive interface enables users to keep their focus on the safety of commuters. From video monitoring to access control, a unified experience simplifies event monitoring, response, and investigation. 

Mission Control

Genetec™ Mission Control™ is a collaborative decision management system that empowers your transit agency to move beyond simple event and alarm management. Guide your operators through incident response while providing the data they need to make informed decisions. A digitized standard operating procedure (SOP) provides a planned and rehearsed response to situations from maintenance issues to life-threatening emergencies. Thus, reducing response times and operator errors due to a lack of familiarity with an obscure subsystem.

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