TruPoint 300 Measurement Solutions

The TruPoint 300 All-In-One Laser Rangefinder measurement solutions get the measurements that you need quickly and easily. Its onboard solutions include calculating area and volume, heights, 20 slope and 30 missing line values. Easily collect 30 measurements from a single location into your smart device LTI’s apps.

TruPoint 300 Measurement Calculations

Red lines represent what is measured by TruPoint, white dotted lines represent what is calculated

  • HD = Horizontal Distance
  • SD = Slope Distance
  • VD = Vertical Distance
  • ANG = Horizontal Angle
  • INC = Inclination
  • HT = Height
Measurement Mode

1-Shot Measurement Mode

Shot Height Measurement

2-Shot Height

2D Slope

2-Shot 2D Slope

Missing line

2-Shot 3D Missing Line

Smart Area

Smart Area