OPM-10G Optical Power Meter

The OPM meter series are high performance optical power meters designed with 10GEPON / XGPON networks. The display shows two simultaneous wavelength measurements. When these meters are used in combination with the ComSonics OLS light sources, they will automatically detect the correct wavelength in the fiber which allows the technician to quickly identify the correct fiber while measure the power simultaneously. These meters have a wide dynamic range with a high power measurement capability.

  • Auto-wave recognition with ComSonics’ OLS series laser source
  • Supports 8 wavelengths including 10GEPON/XGPON: 1577nm down / 1270nm up
  • Modulation tone recognition: 270Hz, 330Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz
  • Memory capacity for 1000 measurements
  • Includes 10mW VFL with 2.5mm universal connector (alt option for 1mW power)
  • Multi unit display: dBm, dB, mw, uw
  • Test data report generation with PC software via USB

Product Specs