OLS-2QF Optical Laser Source

The OLS-2QF Optical Laser Source is an advanced version of OLS-2 Series of Optical Laser Sources. It provides stable and accurate power output and with the ComSonics’ OPM-2 series of optical power meters, it can accurately measure the attenuation/loss of an optical fiber link.

  • Auto-wave recognition with ComSonics’ OPM series optical meters
  • Supports 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1577nm
  • Supports CW mode and modulation tone output: CW, 270Hz, 330Hz,1KHz, 2KHz
  • LCD backlight for easy operation in dark environments
  • 10 min auto-off function
  • 2*AA rechargeable batteries support 80hrs of continuous working

Product Specs