ComSonics is the global leader in proactive plant maintenance, providing solutions to ensure HFC plant integrity and performance improvement.

ComSonics provides solutions and simple-to-use tools to improve drop integrity and ingress mitigation. We offer a powerful and easy-to-use solution set of products to help broadband providers with leakage detection, installation meters, and system integrity. Our leakage detectors provide a full range of solutions for every need, while the GPS-active Genacis™ solutions enhance your ability to manage your cable plant efficiently and effectively. Together the ComSonics product line makes you more proficient and profitable.

The QAM Compass and M3 give us the ability to validate and certify the shielding integrity of a drop system. They allowed us to find impairments in the drop system quickly and efficiently, as well as verify the repairs in a concrete manner. Repairing the drop network in this fashion improves the individual subscriber experience, as well as the overall node performance.

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